Friday, 1 October 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week - Collection Reviews : The E Empire by Eva Petrina

Glamour. Much much glamour in this collection. I loved the style of the clothes, they remind me of renaissance styles. The golden colour is one of my favourites this season and it makes such a delicious combination with white tones. Unfortunately, there were things i didn't like about this collection. First, it is very small, only six outfits! And second, i noticed that the bodies of the models look a bit weird.


Stardoll Fashion Week - Collection Reviews : by Esther Modiel

Color, fashion, chic - the title perfectly matches the collection ! I love the soft spring colours, the style of the clothes... everything. And the best thing of the collection is that it is huge. A great varity to choose your style from the collection. I loved some vintage details of it mixed with modern styles. There were only a few outfits and a few models that i didn't like and i also missed some more accessories, overall the collection is just fab!