Tuesday, 31 August 2010



Another day of working at WILD magazine - we took some photos of the models and I got a personal photoshoot too. Being an editor-in-chief is really a dream job! The photos look great and now I can't wait to see the full magazine released :)
Today I am wearing plaid Miss Sixty trousers matched with a zebra print wrapped top. For the accessories I chose Alexander McQueen gloves, a beanie cap, platform shoes, black Le Specs sunglasses and some bracelets. I also added a double belt.

Egle Stone

Monday, 30 August 2010

LE Fall 10

Hey guys, LE is out and I have to say: Stardoll you learnt it! a few cool items are better then many shit items... I'm really proud of you. So above you see my LE outfit and I'd like you to show me yours. Write a comment here including a link to your outfit (tinypic), or to your suite. I will put the contestants in a poll and this person who wins gets 10$ (via bazaar or in gifts if you weren't superstar). You don't have to buy it, you can create the look in the dressroom and you should wear at least two LE pieces.

Let's have fun


PS: what do you think of my outfit? :D


Hello :)  I've decided to start writing a diary - a style diary. Every day since today i'll post my outfits and short descriptions about them. Next week i'll choose someone someone else and she (or he) will make new outfits every day and i'll write short descriptions for them.


I have so much work today! I thought i shouldn't wear anything special so i chose a simple black blouse and a high waisted skirt. I added a vintage hat to add some glamour to this outfit.  I wear laced black tights and brown socks, because it's a little bit cold outside. High heels with platforms are a must in my outfits..
I don't image any of my outfits without belts, this time i picked a simple brown leather belt.

Egle Stone

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Style Seeker: sexy class, relaxed office

Hey, Nora and Eglé here!
You can see that here's a new segment: Style Seeker! Style Seeker posts are including outfits of Stardoll meber which are really hot or not. On every Outfit we say what we like and what we would do diffrent. So pls have fun!

poohg_1993 fakeshake3

Nora: I think she did a good job; It's not to classic but not to sexy too. The grey jacket breaks the constant white outfit in a good way, but the look is not very special.
Eglé: This outfit needs something.. maybe some jewellery or a handbag, it looks too empty.

Eglé: I don't like the hanbag.. the colour doesn't match the whole outfit, but apart from that it's pretty.
Nora: It has something that makes me feel like in an office. I think it's the skirt, it is very classic but with a special touch of the blouse it looks more relaxed. That's good, but how Eglé said; The bag (in my opinion the shoes too) doesn't fit to the whole outfit.


Hot or not?

Hello, Egle here.
I was just dropping by Maggie's suite and i was amazed by her outfit! It's so simple, but really glamorous :)

Maggie is wearing a Valentino dress, a pair of white gloves and white shoes. This time less is more, right?
What do you think? 
Hot or not?
Comment :)

No-Raw-Lee is here

''BabetteCouture? Who's BabetteCouture?'' - ''She's called Noralie Meester in real life!'' - ''Really?'' - Yes, and she's the new writer for State of Fashion!'' - '' Yay, how cool is that!!''

Hey all together, Nora is here in the state of fashionable things. So I wanna say a big thank you to Egle for the great chance. I'm gonna tell you about trends, fierce outfits and en vogue looks.

My first (actually second) post is coming...very fast ;)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Must-have item

Hello. Today stardoll released a new hot-buys jacket and in my opinion, it is definately a must-have item! Those golden details on shoulders are gorgeous and the whole shape of it is nice. I've created an outfit with this jacket, a bit inspired by military trends :

What do you think? Do you like it? Do you not like it? 
Maybe you've created something with it? Tell in comments and maybe you'll appear on this blog ! :)


Hold on TEFP/Leaving

Hey it's Erin/Erienne, and this will be my last post on State of Fashion. I am leaving Fashion Group for a bit. It is not official. TEFP will still be running, but with different prizes. Thanks for understanding.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

She's a free B!, baby!

I was looking through some Stardoll outfits today, and that's always like that - you find something that's very interesting when you don't expect that.
So, a simplicity of a style, the aggressive look, the sexy look, the edgy look. Who is that ?
I can see this girl rocking the underwear, denim and rock-n-chic trends and somehow reminded me of Gaga in "Telephone", I don't know why! Her outfit in the jail was a little different, but i would say THAT style.
Congrats, shoppbabe12! Hope to see some more of your fashion statements! 

Also, If you read the previous post, you would know that Erienne is lauching her project within Fashion Group - 'The Erin Fo Project" and will contribute about it in SOF! :) Congrats, as well!

*UPDATE* - awkward moment, but I just found out that HE's a free B! baby.

New Sister Site for State of Fashion

Hello, this is Erin better known as x.optimistic.x on Stardoll, and I'm the newest writer for State of Fashion. Now how many of you believe you are true fashion icons? How many of you want fame, friends? Well for those that do, follow and apply for State of Fashion's newest sister site, The Erin Fo Project. Confused? I understand. The concept is simple really. TEFP, to for short, is a project I created with the help of a few others including Mary, to help fashionistas like yourselves find your inner fashion sense. Every so often, possibly weekly, applicants of TEFP will compete to see who can create the most appealing outfit on their medoll; that includes makeup. The contest will be approximately one week long, and the judges will discuss who they think should win the cycle. We will narrow it down to two and have the public vote for their favorite. The winner will be posted here, for every user to see with their outfit and an interview. Plus fame and friends; as I stated in the beginning. So follow and apply for TEFP; show Stardoll what you're made of. More information is stated in the blog. If you'd like to judge, contact me on Stardoll.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Combination of colours - brown, beige and blue.

Hello:)   I did some experiments with colours today and i found a piece of gold - brown, beige and blue mixed together. I totally love the way that brown leather looks together with denim or beige-coloured clothes or accessories.  Some pieces of theese looks remind me of D&G Spring/Summer  designs. 

What do you think? Do you like this combination? Hot or not? Comment!   

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Models Cult

I've been thinking a lot about the models cult on Stardoll, and never get why people present themselves as 'Editor in Chief", "Owner"... but not a 'model', if they apparentely are?
I go through the Stardoll world everyday and see so much exotic and unique faces! My latest 'obsession' is Violenca who looks a lot like Mariacarla Boscono:

Inspiring! I also love the outfit that girl is wearing, great job!

So, back to models on Stardoll. We have a lot of possibilities right now to become a real virtual fashion world: Magazines, groups, modelling agencies, blogs, fashion shows... And I am always wondering why all the modelling clubs are now 'cycle one, two, three not only you and me...'. I thought cycles were from the models reality show, not agencies?
Marc Jacobs denied celebrities on his fashion shows, and I totally agree on his opinion: "celebrities are boring...", "I am inspired by models! Celebs are out" - he tells to Harper's Bazaar. 
Fashion is not about the "Simple life of Paris Hilton" or "What was Britney wearing today". Fashion is fashion. All the people of the fashion industry are the insiders, the people of art. Remind yourself the Facehunter or The Sartoria List... Fashion shows, models, photoshoots. Now that it was I call a fashion circle! 
And I suggest us to create the same here. Forget about Littlemisshillsheights, and if you were feature in some fashion editoral of a famous magazine, if your doll is walking down the runway of the next fashion show... 
Tell everyone on Stardoll "I am a model here."

xx Mary

Am i dreaming or is that Hermes?

Today i went to Mel's (bluegreen86) suite and the first thought was "Oh my! Stardoll released a Hermes bag", but when i clicked on it.. 
I realized that it's just a wall panel from stardesign! 
Someone did a really great job :)

UPDATE : That gorgeous thing is designed by BabetteCouture !

What do you think? Hot or not?


P.S. Would you like to see some style/make-up tips?


It's Egle here. I'm very happy to have a fashion blog (I allways wanted to) and I just wanted to say a big thank you to Mary, for helping me with everything, before I start writing. I will write about anything related to fashion and I'll be doing rewievs for SFW brands, maybe I'll even write some fashionable gossip here..

Prepare for fashion, fashion and fashion!

Love ya all, E.

Are you in a State of Fashion?

Hello to all the Fashion Icons and those who are planning to become ones!
This is a blog originally made up by Egle Stone (vampire_) and designed by Mary Semenchenko (writemarycat) - what is a collective fashion work right now :) Egle and I will be posting about... only about fashion, and as this blog is a part of Fashion Group, means that you'll get exclusive updates and a lot of stuff from the insiders!

So, let's get started!
P.S. You need to comment here, all the time!
P.P.S. Is the banner OK? One of my Wacom's first tries lol :)

xx Mary