Sunday, 14 November 2010

Style Seeker

Hello everyone!
Our old segment - Style Seeker - is back! Remember what was it about? We're choosing two girls and just describe their outfits. Last time I did this with Nora (babettecouture), but now our new writer Polly (polincik) accepted to continue this segment with me.
This time we chose two well known style icons - Emma (mysecketlover) and Nicole (tcholas93) .

Egle : I loved everything in this outfit. I love how Emma used the faux racoon tail, I just noticed that i never used it... My favorite part of the outfit was the ring - it gives so much class to everything.
 Pauline: Emma is looking gorgeous as always! Black is a fashion trend for all generations. Also I loved the web hat. Very original! The only thing is - I don't like these shoes. Maybe high-heels would fit better?

Egle : Nicole is one of my biggest icons. Her make-up is always stunning, the outfits are classy... I really love the wild prints and classic white trousers.
Pauline: I'm inlove with this outfit! What could be more classy then golden accessories? But I'm against real fur, so I hope in real life you'd used the fake one (:

That's all for now.
Would you like to see yourself in here? Just leave a comment and I'm sure you'll be noticed.


Their faces scream: FASHION!

When I was browsing through stardoll, I came across these medolls - LimePolkaDotsTDIlover. I was shocked how they made a regular face with an ordinary make-up so original!
Courtney (TDIlover) wow'ed me with her eye tattoo. Who knew that a tattoo could go with such a sweet face?
Daphne (LimePolkaDots) wasn't affraid to use freckles on her face as well. Let's admit that not many of us love them. She made them look stylish!

What do you think?
xoxo, Polly :*

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Roberto Cavalli SS'10

Hey there! Before I start off I'd like to introduce myself - I am Sarah, blueberry-dream on Stardoll, the newest member of the SOF team! Exciting, eh? :D Oh well, back to the post.

Roberto Cavalli's latest collection (SS 2010, of course) had been released quite some time ago, but I thought that it was such a beautiful collection I wanted to post it here. These are just a few of my favorite looks but if you want to see the whole collection for yourself pop down here.
(From left to right): Fabiana Mayer, Katie Fogarty, Ruby Aldridge, Daria Strokous

I absolutely loved everything from the laces, knits and complicated sewing patterns, sequins, sheens, fringes,'s art. Those pants are GENIUS, by the way, wish we had them on Stardoll! I like how it has a jungle vibe in the clothing and backdrop, it creates a nice feeling.

What did you think of the collection? Which look was your favorite?
Till next time :)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A bit of fashion in commercials

As you can see, I'm the new writer in this fabulous blog (:
I'm Polincik and my name is Pauline (or just Polly).
I'm very honored to be a writer here.
Thanks, E.

Today I want to talk about the commercials. No, not about those annoying TV ones!
About those, which we can call movies.
About those, which we remember when we say "fashion".


Director: Jonas Ã…kerlund
Special appearance: Monica Bellucci, Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana
Location: Rome (Italy)
Year: 2010

The Martini Gold movie is inspired by Fellini’s "La Dolce Vita". It celebrates Italian lifestyle as well as Monica Bellucci’s all-Italian beauty, with surprise appearances by Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.
I don't usually drink alcohol, but this commercial is forcing me to go and buy this huge bottle of Martini!


Director: Baz Luhrmann
Special appearance: Nicole Kidman, Rodrigo Santoro
Location: -
Year: 2004

Everyone thought, that this commercial will make a revolution in the advertisement industry, and it did. The Chanel movie is inspired by Luhrmann's "Moulen Rouge". The Nicole Kidman's dress was designed by Karl Lagerfeld. After the commercial premiere there was released a 25-minutes movie about how was it made.
I'm inlove with this "movie", no, I'm even more inlove with this Chanel dress. Stardoll, make one!

xoxo, Pauline :*

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Je recherche ''RECHERCHE''

The title of this post means, in French, ''i'm searching for RECHERCHE''. And I can say that I found it. The new spoiler of Recherche is oh so spooky, but who knows what the entire issue will really be about? Dark Fashion, I suppose. That's what is says on the spoiler. It sure takes my breath away and makes me remember Halloween and the creepy costumes that people wore, but turn all of it into fashion and then you'll know what Recherche will be about. That's my guess.

Any thoughts?

renewing the State of Fashion!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm sure that it is my fault that SOF has been so unactive, but now I finally decided that this blog can't die
So me and the new co-owner Emily (because Mary left stardoll) have decided to give this blog a fresh start. First of all, me and Emily should be much more active. We'll also look for a few more writers. We'll make more competitions, polls, maybe even some exclusive projects. I can't tell you a lot right now, but i'll keep updating everything. 
See you with new and exciting ideas, Egle Stone.

P.S. leave a comment if you'd like to write here and i'll contact you for it :)

What a shame!

I'm so proud of myself for chosing this name for this post that I'm writing, because it describes it all so well. Firstly, the team of State of Fashion should be really ashamed for letting this whole blog down, and leaving it unactive. That's not what it was created for- it was supposed to reach the top of the top stardoll- based blogs. It's not just because Mary left stardoll and stuff, that we have to stop doing what we were doing when she was there. Because life goes on. As for me, I do feel guilty too, I mean it's not like I wrote much either, really.

-Always yours, forever and ever
Emily Vaisno/ Pirata111