Thursday, 30 September 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week - Collection Reviews : L'arte De Lily by Lily Rose Todd

Another great collection by Lily... I must say that this one is much better than the previous one, probably because it's much bigger and not so pink.
I loved the red and black colours and the jackets/cardigans of the collection are just perfect! And i guess i can't say anything bad about it, it's really good.


Stardoll Fashion Week - Collection Reviews : Coconut by Becka Lavendale and Nojmul Alfred-Darnley

So juicy! The whole collection reminds me of fruits and summer and it really blows my autumn depression away! My favourite things in the collection were the teapot handbags and of course the colourful patterns of the clothes.
The thing i didn't like was the same pose in every graphic, but that's really not the most important thing in the collection. As i like to say - stop looking at the runway and the other less important things, you should better notice the clothes :)


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week - Collection Reviews : Perfection by Lily Rose Todd and Bruno Silva

With the soft shapes, light tones and the spice of rocker chic this collection is really worth it's name - Perfection.
Floral dresses, pastel tones.. it's just perfect for spring! I really love the accessories and the jackets are trully amazing, but i noticed some not so good parts in the collection too. I think that it needs some more accessiries, like bracelets, rings or even bold headbands. I also didn't like the runway, it should have been a bit less bright and at first i thought that the laced hangings in the background are actually wings! Overall the collection in nice, well done.

Here's the outfit that i liked the most :
Isn't this dress simply amazing?

P.S. I noticed that you think that i am being a bit offensive not writing rewievs on stardesign lines so i will do them too.


Monday, 27 September 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week - Collection Reviews

Since this blog is a media partner of Stardoll Fashion Week, you will be able to find exclusive reviews on the collections here. I was asked to write them and I am really proud of it! I will only write the reviews on actual collections, not the StarDesign ones, but who knows, maybe i'll post some of my favourites :)
I will post a review of a collection the next day after it's published, because of time difference and school of course, but i promise it will be worth waiting for them! And because I'm a designer too and i can't write a review on my own collection I'm getting ready for a long post about working in SFW. All the good things, all the bad things. Get ready, it's starting :)

Love, Egle Stone

finally, the schedule is out!
(click to enlarge)


Sunday, 19 September 2010

new season of banner wars!

The applications for Banner Wars 2nd season had started now! Click here to see the application form.
This is the first ever project like that in stardoll and i've seen more people start making graphic projects :)
I would love to see more and more people in this project and maybe help them to make better graphics.
So please apply, we need somewhere around 20 contestants.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Fashion Rookie

Today I'm wearing an outfit that I first came up with, after seeing the fall 2010 collection of Moschino (whitch is absolutely stunning- you gotta see it!). I was inspired by the rocky, but elegant woman look, and I tried to make my shades as dark as they were in that collection.

The lipstick- when I tried to apply it all over the lips of my doll, it didn't look so well, so I did what I do the best when I'm too lazy- I did half of the work, and applied the lipstick on the upper lip only. It looks good, I mean I knew how it would look, because I have done this so many times before... I chose a dark cherry-red lipstick, because the whole outfit is kinda dark, and I didn't want my lips to pop out too much.

The scarf- it's a mix of the DKNY Big Black Wool Scarf, and the old DKNY Paisley print scarf. I have no idea what pushed me into doing this, but I must say it looks pretty well, even though you probably couldn't make it look like that in real life.

The military jacket is one of my favourite clothes ever bought on stardoll, I always loved it. I love it's shape, and the shoulder pads on it. I'm also wearing a DKNY vest and shorts. They're not as dark as the rest of the outfit, but that also gives a brigther look to it.

Next stop: the tights+socks. I really like the way those two items look together in this outfit, it reminds me a bit of a Vintage look, but still go with the military stuff. Then- the shoes. I used two pairs of shoes this time, just to get the platform to be bigger, and to get this golden little flower on the shoes, so they don't look too boring.

What do you think?


Emily's Introduction

State of Fashion- here I come!As a new writer in State of Fashion, I'd like to a bit introduce myself to you, so you know who you're going to have to deal with in the future. My stardoll nickname is Pirata111 and my full (and real) name is Emily Vaisno, I'm Lithuanian, and I'm uncontrably in love with the Fashion World and everything that has anything to do with it. I'm a Fashion Maniac, this is the main reason that I'm still playing stardoll, and that my stardoll-sister Egle has accepted me into this blog. I also am the owner and editor-in-chief and fashion editor of the Wild magazine, that I have created with Egle.

As in what concerns State of Fashion, I first was thinking of writing a short daily post about the outfit that I'd be wearing. That would be a bit like the Style Diary that Egle was writting before, but in a bit different way, I suppose. I'd try to make it different, and talk more about what's trendy and what's not. AND I also would like to post some make up tips, is that okay with you, Dear readers? :)

I'll start today, and you'll see my first look in my second post, which is coming right up!

rag&bone leather platforms

Nora here, Nora there, I can be anywhere xD
Here is one of my must haves for autumn 2010: These rag & bone leather platforms.
Wear it with:

Overknee, Wool Socks
Wool Blazer
Red nails
Golden bracelets
Grey Beanie

Yellow Clothes
Red Lips

Kisseseses: Muah Muah