Sunday, 2 January 2011

DIRTY Magazine debuted!

Yesterday tonia.ftw & BrunoExclusive released their brand new project - DIRTY Magazine. Honestly, I was hoping for more "dirt" in the issue, but I wasn't dissapointed. Good graphics and articles! The only thing I wanted to ask: "Dear owners, why the issue was so small?" :D
Click HERE to check out the magazine!


AbiiBabeh..x said...

As a part of the team I can tell you one potential reason why it was so small.
There were 4 people working on the magazine and we hadn't worked on it for that long. We will consider this and we shall discuss what we can do to improve but c'mon, we had tried, and suceeded

Bruno/Brunoexclusive said...

The reason why we didn't present a longer issue is because of people like Abiie that didn't do their assigments or didn't complete them. Even thought we decided to realese it. We didn't want our work to go down the toilet.