Sunday, 14 November 2010

Style Seeker

Hello everyone!
Our old segment - Style Seeker - is back! Remember what was it about? We're choosing two girls and just describe their outfits. Last time I did this with Nora (babettecouture), but now our new writer Polly (polincik) accepted to continue this segment with me.
This time we chose two well known style icons - Emma (mysecketlover) and Nicole (tcholas93) .

Egle : I loved everything in this outfit. I love how Emma used the faux racoon tail, I just noticed that i never used it... My favorite part of the outfit was the ring - it gives so much class to everything.
 Pauline: Emma is looking gorgeous as always! Black is a fashion trend for all generations. Also I loved the web hat. Very original! The only thing is - I don't like these shoes. Maybe high-heels would fit better?

Egle : Nicole is one of my biggest icons. Her make-up is always stunning, the outfits are classy... I really love the wild prints and classic white trousers.
Pauline: I'm inlove with this outfit! What could be more classy then golden accessories? But I'm against real fur, so I hope in real life you'd used the fake one (:

That's all for now.
Would you like to see yourself in here? Just leave a comment and I'm sure you'll be noticed.



Anonymous said...

note' am going anonymous because I don't want people to think am just writing this comment so you all check my page but anyway,

This is and idea, maybe do another segment relating to this for not known people, giving advice, advice from fashionable people?

Tylerisbold said...

Nicole is so dear to me, but her outfit is what over accessorized. Fur and leopard print together, it's a little much. Not to mention the abundance of bangles.

fuckyeah ! said...

I totally agree @anon. It's better discover hidden styles than styles that everyone knows.

IrishLily09 said...

What about my outfit?
My username is irishlily09 xx

Giudy said...

I like so much this Style Seeker and i'd like so see my self here!

giudyziamia97 on stardoll