Sunday, 5 September 2010

Fashion Rookie

Today I'm wearing an outfit that I first came up with, after seeing the fall 2010 collection of Moschino (whitch is absolutely stunning- you gotta see it!). I was inspired by the rocky, but elegant woman look, and I tried to make my shades as dark as they were in that collection.

The lipstick- when I tried to apply it all over the lips of my doll, it didn't look so well, so I did what I do the best when I'm too lazy- I did half of the work, and applied the lipstick on the upper lip only. It looks good, I mean I knew how it would look, because I have done this so many times before... I chose a dark cherry-red lipstick, because the whole outfit is kinda dark, and I didn't want my lips to pop out too much.

The scarf- it's a mix of the DKNY Big Black Wool Scarf, and the old DKNY Paisley print scarf. I have no idea what pushed me into doing this, but I must say it looks pretty well, even though you probably couldn't make it look like that in real life.

The military jacket is one of my favourite clothes ever bought on stardoll, I always loved it. I love it's shape, and the shoulder pads on it. I'm also wearing a DKNY vest and shorts. They're not as dark as the rest of the outfit, but that also gives a brigther look to it.

Next stop: the tights+socks. I really like the way those two items look together in this outfit, it reminds me a bit of a Vintage look, but still go with the military stuff. Then- the shoes. I used two pairs of shoes this time, just to get the platform to be bigger, and to get this golden little flower on the shoes, so they don't look too boring.

What do you think?



Gabby1822 said...

It's nice,but is that all this blog has become? Just showing outfits all the time. Can you guys write about like runway or stardoll trends or stuff like that,please?

Emily Vaisno said...

Yeah, sure. I mean that's exaclty what I was going to write about today.

Eliana Luck said...

i love what you did with the shoes and socks and i love the balmain jacket to ;) my fav jacket!

Sofia said...