Sunday, 5 September 2010

Emily's Introduction

State of Fashion- here I come!As a new writer in State of Fashion, I'd like to a bit introduce myself to you, so you know who you're going to have to deal with in the future. My stardoll nickname is Pirata111 and my full (and real) name is Emily Vaisno, I'm Lithuanian, and I'm uncontrably in love with the Fashion World and everything that has anything to do with it. I'm a Fashion Maniac, this is the main reason that I'm still playing stardoll, and that my stardoll-sister Egle has accepted me into this blog. I also am the owner and editor-in-chief and fashion editor of the Wild magazine, that I have created with Egle.

As in what concerns State of Fashion, I first was thinking of writing a short daily post about the outfit that I'd be wearing. That would be a bit like the Style Diary that Egle was writting before, but in a bit different way, I suppose. I'd try to make it different, and talk more about what's trendy and what's not. AND I also would like to post some make up tips, is that okay with you, Dear readers? :)

I'll start today, and you'll see my first look in my second post, which is coming right up!

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Linnea/.pease. said...

Exciting! I'm Sure You'll Do Great Emily :D