Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Models Cult

I've been thinking a lot about the models cult on Stardoll, and never get why people present themselves as 'Editor in Chief", "Owner"... but not a 'model', if they apparentely are?
I go through the Stardoll world everyday and see so much exotic and unique faces! My latest 'obsession' is Violenca who looks a lot like Mariacarla Boscono:

Inspiring! I also love the outfit that girl is wearing, great job!

So, back to models on Stardoll. We have a lot of possibilities right now to become a real virtual fashion world: Magazines, groups, modelling agencies, blogs, fashion shows... And I am always wondering why all the modelling clubs are now 'cycle one, two, three not only you and me...'. I thought cycles were from the models reality show, not agencies?
Marc Jacobs denied celebrities on his fashion shows, and I totally agree on his opinion: "celebrities are boring...", "I am inspired by models! Celebs are out" - he tells to Harper's Bazaar. 
Fashion is not about the "Simple life of Paris Hilton" or "What was Britney wearing today". Fashion is fashion. All the people of the fashion industry are the insiders, the people of art. Remind yourself the Facehunter or The Sartoria List... Fashion shows, models, photoshoots. Now that it was I call a fashion circle! 
And I suggest us to create the same here. Forget about Littlemisshillsheights, and if you were feature in some fashion editoral of a famous magazine, if your doll is walking down the runway of the next fashion show... 
Tell everyone on Stardoll "I am a model here."

xx Mary


EglÄ—/Vampire_ said...

I love the way that Vi looks, she's such an icon !

Deidra said...

Adore her outfit <3

2peicesofcandy1 said...

A REALLY nice outfit.
And I agree. I think a good model has something different about her. I really like her look :D

Bruno/kxcatarinaxk said...

oH I really understand where u come from I saw the same thing today on Ugly Betty

richi2008 said...

I love that Outfit,she has a big sense of FASHION (:

Le Chasseur said...

Thank you a lot for the feature! (: Lovin' your blog.