Saturday, 7 August 2010

New Sister Site for State of Fashion

Hello, this is Erin better known as x.optimistic.x on Stardoll, and I'm the newest writer for State of Fashion. Now how many of you believe you are true fashion icons? How many of you want fame, friends? Well for those that do, follow and apply for State of Fashion's newest sister site, The Erin Fo Project. Confused? I understand. The concept is simple really. TEFP, to for short, is a project I created with the help of a few others including Mary, to help fashionistas like yourselves find your inner fashion sense. Every so often, possibly weekly, applicants of TEFP will compete to see who can create the most appealing outfit on their medoll; that includes makeup. The contest will be approximately one week long, and the judges will discuss who they think should win the cycle. We will narrow it down to two and have the public vote for their favorite. The winner will be posted here, for every user to see with their outfit and an interview. Plus fame and friends; as I stated in the beginning. So follow and apply for TEFP; show Stardoll what you're made of. More information is stated in the blog. If you'd like to judge, contact me on Stardoll.

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