Saturday, 7 August 2010

She's a free B!, baby!

I was looking through some Stardoll outfits today, and that's always like that - you find something that's very interesting when you don't expect that.
So, a simplicity of a style, the aggressive look, the sexy look, the edgy look. Who is that ?
I can see this girl rocking the underwear, denim and rock-n-chic trends and somehow reminded me of Gaga in "Telephone", I don't know why! Her outfit in the jail was a little different, but i would say THAT style.
Congrats, shoppbabe12! Hope to see some more of your fashion statements! 

Also, If you read the previous post, you would know that Erienne is lauching her project within Fashion Group - 'The Erin Fo Project" and will contribute about it in SOF! :) Congrats, as well!

*UPDATE* - awkward moment, but I just found out that HE's a free B! baby.


♥Toxxic.Angel said...

Shoppbabe12 is a guy ;D

Mary said...

I never knew! :O

BershkaGirl601 said...

Is that true Chloe? :O
Love the outfit anyways :D