Saturday, 28 August 2010

Style Seeker: sexy class, relaxed office

Hey, Nora and Eglé here!
You can see that here's a new segment: Style Seeker! Style Seeker posts are including outfits of Stardoll meber which are really hot or not. On every Outfit we say what we like and what we would do diffrent. So pls have fun!

poohg_1993 fakeshake3

Nora: I think she did a good job; It's not to classic but not to sexy too. The grey jacket breaks the constant white outfit in a good way, but the look is not very special.
Eglé: This outfit needs something.. maybe some jewellery or a handbag, it looks too empty.

Eglé: I don't like the hanbag.. the colour doesn't match the whole outfit, but apart from that it's pretty.
Nora: It has something that makes me feel like in an office. I think it's the skirt, it is very classic but with a special touch of the blouse it looks more relaxed. That's good, but how Eglé said; The bag (in my opinion the shoes too) doesn't fit to the whole outfit.



Fluro222 said...

I Agree with everything you both said :)

iswim19 said...

I agree. :)