Monday, 30 August 2010

LE Fall 10

Hey guys, LE is out and I have to say: Stardoll you learnt it! a few cool items are better then many shit items... I'm really proud of you. So above you see my LE outfit and I'd like you to show me yours. Write a comment here including a link to your outfit (tinypic), or to your suite. I will put the contestants in a poll and this person who wins gets 10$ (via bazaar or in gifts if you weren't superstar). You don't have to buy it, you can create the look in the dressroom and you should wear at least two LE pieces.

Let's have fun


PS: what do you think of my outfit? :D


-LimitedEdition said...

I'm -LimitedEdition on Stardoll and here's my entry:

xx-kirsten-xxx said...

I would enter, but I only have one piece of the new LE, oh well :(

But your outfit looks FAB!!!

Love K xxx (sparklewand12)