Wednesday, 23 March 2011

BYS by Amanda O'Neill and Tonia Dems

Now this was something like.. OH MY GOD! BYS, aka Be Yourself, by Amanda O'neill and Tonia Dems, was absolutely amazing. The first thing that cought my attention was the amazingly high shoes. And the print of those makes me feel like spinning in a carousel. The whole collection was almost perfect, but again, it could have been bigger. Of course, you never know what can happen and so as Tonia didn't know that her computer will be broken. 
Anyways, roll your eyes on the amazing and daring shapes, colours and gorgeous models by clicking here.
And here are the outfits I liked the most.

Oh, here's what the designers say about their collection :
Our collection was inspired by the theme circus. Different colours all together match and make an unique collection. High heels complete the outfits and make the girls shine. BYS is all about being yourself, and expressing your inner and true beauty through fashion. We wanted to create something beautiful, yet elegant. We tried to create outfits that were abstract and not seen before. We hope that we have succeeded and that you enjoyed viewing our collection.
(stolen from official SFW blog)

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