Saturday, 26 March 2011

Review: Wonderland of E

Hello!! I'd like to say thanks to the wonderful comments on my introduction post *blushes*, and well to tell you that I love you!

Okay, on to the post. As most of you know, yesterday was the release of WOE, and may I just say that it was the absolute BEST collection/project on SFW this year. Let's go on to see the best outfits in my opinion:

I fell in love with these, and if they were in the Starplaza or in real life I swear I would buy them! They are amazing, and I love the red tones. The make-up was amazing, and so were the graphics; they were such a good quality and the shading was flawless. 
The shoes were so unique and one of a kind, I really think this was work of an amazing designer!

Congrats Egle!

xoxo Ruth

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