Thursday, 24 March 2011

Extraordinary by Eamonn Doherty and Kimberly Dean.

Another day - another review. This time it's Extraordinary, by Eamonn Doherty and Kimberly Dean. And my reaction when I saw it was like.. ehhh? The name Extraordinary must match the theme of the collection, but it didn't happen this time. What I expected was long and magic gowns, because that's how I imagine the extraordinary stuff. But we only got simple outfits. Of course, I'm not syaing that it's bad, the outfits are really glamorous and chic. Only one thing that must be changed - the colours of the runway. I can't see a black dress on a black runway, can you?

Here are some outfits that I liked. See the rest here.

And here are the designers' thoughts, stolen from official SFW blog.
 For this collection I was inspired by one dress designed by Carlo Pignatelli, I adore his open front ball gowns, the colour on that dress was the first piece that had inspired me to make a dress similar to his. I was looking for the collection to be suffocated but open, and I think I have completed that goal.

What do you think?

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IrishLily09 said...

The second outfit is the one I designed! :)